5 secrets to creating a welcoming experience for event attendees

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Have you ever been the third wheel in an extremely private conversation? Have you ever felt like you were in the wrong place at the wrong time? Unfortunately, that’s often how some people feel at large marketing & corporate events – even those designed to make them feel at home!

Events that are focused more on experiential marketing are designed on a large scale, in which case, the format and execution plan play a pivotal role. Experiential marketing agencies strive hard to ensure attendees enjoy an overall smooth experience by giving every guest an equal amount of importance and attention.

After all, we proudly follow the dynamics of the host-guest relationship embodying our very own traditional Indian philosophy of “Atithi Devo Bhava”.

Here are some very salient key points to help you with providing a warm welcome experience to event attendees.

Explore diverse communication media

Advertising has always been an effective medium of reaching a wider audience – a medium that aims at catering to different religions, castes, cultures and languages.

Almost all corporate event management companies look at strategies that generally aim at a specific target audience, however, having a bit of diversity is a great bonus. Audiences tend to appreciate the extra effort you’ve taken to add something that’s more personal. Furthermore, the more diverse your communication approach, the more traction you stand to gain at your event.

Comfort the attendees with efficient signage

Anybody who attends an event is bound to feel intimidated if they see a row of busy stalls and kiosks, as well as a maze of aisles and walkways. To help combat nervousness, the experiential marketing event management team should carefully plan event signage taking into account the target audience, the expected footfall as well as the high areas of interest. Usage of efficient signage helps event attendees feel confident and will surely boost conversion.

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We’re really excited you’re here!
Why don’t you ask our friendly ushers to show you around the place?

Trouble finding your way around?
Call this number for immediate assistance.

Signs like these help the intimidating feel disappear and allows attendees to enjoy the experiential marketing event with ease.

Keep accessibility in mind

India is a diverse country. So it’s obvious that any event here will see people from different cultures and religions, speaking different languages, in attendance. However, we shouldn’t forget that many events also have differently-abled attendees, including those with hearing disabilities.

That’s why it is important to also have a sign-language interpreter who can interpret a speaker’s words on the fly and translate it to sign language for those with hearing impairments.

The whole event becomes more impactful when more attendees can relate to the content delivered by the speaker. The more they understand and relate, the more they remember and can help in word of mouth marketing, eventually making a profitable outcome for you!

Go the extra mile to personalize

In the world of big data, personalised targeting is something that can be done both digitally and offline. When marketing your event, targeting the right audience along with customised emails, specifically targeted ads and all kinds of personalisation can make the whole experience feel more personal.

For example, you can ask attendees which specific event they’re interested in from a series of events. After understanding this, you can give them information on which stalls they should visit or engagement activities to participate in, depending on their area of interest.

Hire a diverse crew for a fresher approach

Let the diversity take over in your hiring practices. The more highly skilled diverse members in your team, the more efficient, effective and fresh viewpoints for your plan of action.

The more diverse the team, the less will be the emphasis on a “culture fit” approach. This helps in sending a strong message of your brand being friendly, healthy and comfortable culture for the employees.

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