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As an event attendee, people normally focus on the experience created on the main day at the venue. However, there are several activities conducted pre-event, on the day of the event as well as post event to make it a resounding success. Ancillary activities, in the context of events and experiences, refer to any activities that do not form a part of the main event.

Communication is the first key point to keep in mind as an ancillary activity. Reaching out to your audience through different mediums such as outdoor advertising (OOH), spot commercials in radio, public relations and more can be leveraged to create awareness and build excitement in the days and weeks leading up to the event.

Simple activities such as Block your date mailers, website creation and confirmation calls among others, are now essential to lend an event credibility and generate buzz. Press engagements during build ups to product and brand launches can have a strong impact on the turnout on the day of the event.

Targeting hotspots where your audience frequents is also an essential consideration to leave a lasting impression and create a sense of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Only the best corporate event planners can create a brand centric experience in line with a key message.

Besides these, simple email reminders and calendar invites help attendees keep your event in mind while also communicating new and exciting information. Including digital promotions in the form of Google Adwords ad Adsense can entice and attract a more substantial portion of your target audience.

Social media, with all its growth over the recent years, is now being used to share experiences. A key factor in events, the photo booth, has been transformed with modern technology. One of the main reasons that companies choose to include the event hashtag within a photo booth is to drive engagement and visibility on social media, even if the user has not included it in their post.

Livestreams of an event can be telecast to platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, providing your target audience with an alternative to travelling thousands of miles. Including a special social media wall that captures live posts can also help drive digital promotions on the day of the event.

As people’s attention spans start to dwindle and the world becomes more digital, the importance of a physical tangible experience has only increased. Integrated marketing solutions, which take a 360-degree perspective to promotions and engagement, has become increasingly important.

Keeping in mind the impact that each of these activities can have on your event outcome, the importance of ancillary activities cannot be understated. Next time you are considering organizing an event, consider the value that end-to-end integrated marketing companies can drive for promotions, communication and amplification of your event.