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From corporate events to integrated marketing solutions and experiential marketing activities, our entire plethora of services are available across the country. Our breadth of experience and our relationships with local vendors help us deliver solutions that are seamless across all locations in India. Neoniche is one of the best event management companies in bangalore, India.

Building experiential marketing solutions in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of our strategic focus areas, a developing city with cutting edge tech that caters to some of the brightest minds in the tech industry. Using experiential marketing in areas of significant development has historically become a major success, crafting experiences that resonate with companies’ vision and values.

By creating visually stunning and engaging events, we help achieve our customer’s goals whether it be a product launch, rewards and recognition programme or even a simple offsite. Planning an end-to-end experience with immersive touch points can help convey a key message to the audience and more often than not leads to an increase in customer loyalty and brand reputation.

Experiential marketing activities are shown to increase positive perception of a brand and lead to a direct sales boost. With a partner having years of experience in the corporate event management sector with integrated marketing capabilities can help drive consumer perception, engagement and sales through a single solution.

We are in the business of creating remarkable experiences that generate measurable ROI and help meet your business objectives.

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