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Herbalife India Spectacular 2023

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NeoNiche was instructed by Herbalife to organise the Hyderabad chapter of India Spectacular 2023, part of the Indian edition of Spectacular 2023 which is a worldwide event conducted every year by Herbalife around the world to onboard more associates to increase the sale of their products. The Hyderabad chapter saw more than 5000 training and sales associates in a 3-day event starting 20th February, where day 1 was only involved in registration of the delegates at BMR Sartha Convention Center, Hyderabad.

The end-to-end delivery plan included assessing the venue infrastructure for proper show running and crowd management. Starting from artist coordination and management, the elements of design and content were thematically curated to lead to Herbalife’s majestic new product launch. This new product launch became the key highlight of the event with the audience gasping in admiration of the launch mechanism and the content used.

The Recognition Evening part was filled with celebrating the associates and some fantastically engaging and energizing performances which even got the senior management in a groove to shake their legs. Team NeoNiche earned accolades for their quick turnaround time from brief to execution and ability to adapt to changes and modifications whenever required.

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