Celebrating fashionistas at a subtle third store launch

H&M Hyderabad Store Launch 2020


H&M, a global brand known for its fast fashion, decided to open their third store in Hyderabad. Having already created a grand experience for their first store launch, they wanted to create a subtle experience for fashionistas in the city.

As we had already crafted their premier store launch in other cities, we were quick to understand H&M’s rationale. As this store was situated in a mall, we did a complete recce of the area to determine the space constraints and activity area for the new launch.

H&M Hyderabad Store Launch 2020
H&M Hyderabad Store Launch 2020

To generate curiosity about the event, we constructed an H&M motif placed in the mall with the launch date mentioned on the installation. A few volunteers were also stationed near the motif to educate and encourage people to participate in the store launch. They also distributed information cards so that interested individuals would have a physical reminder of the event.

On the day, the first few fashionistas queued up for the launch four hours before the activities showcasing their passion and love for H&M. As the day went on, the excitement increased and more people began waiting in queue.

H&M Hyderabad Store Launch 2020

Three hours before the launch, a DJ started playing upbeat pop tunes which encouraged the crowd to start grooving in the queue itself. An emcee began engaging with the crowd to begin the activities. A series of H&M gift cards were up for grabs for anyone willing to showcase their talents. A number of fun-loving participants took up the challenge by singing pitch-perfect songs or grooving to every beat in an impromptu dance.

Just before the store was opened to the public, the H&M crew performed a flash mob to show their appreciation to the fashionistas for their passion, time and patience. The flash mob was followed by a small ribbon cutting ceremony inaugurating the store. The store launch created a personal connect with the local H&M customers and had fashionistas showcase their multitude of talents through light hearted, enjoyable participation leading to a successful launch.

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