Starting small as an event management company in New Delhi

Working as an experiential marketing company in New Delhi, the biggest opportunity is finding a large variety of people coming from across India. You will find a member from every state within the capital due to its strong political, legal and commercial importance.

As we started to showcase our solutions for corporate event management, companies in New Delhi were quick to recognize the value we could provide. Driving the experiential mindset, New Delhi and its locals were quick to accept the new level of technologies and capabilities we specialized in.

Clinching the New Delhi market as an Integrated Marketing Company

With our roots as an event management company, in New Delhi, our planning and execution capabilities were decisive factors in winning pitches and projects. After understanding the preferences of the locals, we were quick to snatch up more projects.

One of our advantages within the ecosystem was the fact that we specialized as an integrated marketing company in New Delhi. The end-to-end communication and audience acquisition plans helped build our brand name within the corporate ecosystem.

Taking note of the specific requirements arising from the capital and its local companies, we deep dived into seamless experiences for customers. Driving a technological mindset, we went ahead with our foot on the gas and focused all our efforts towards creating a new-age experiential marketing company in Delhi

After numerous projects, we were seen as one of the best corporate event management companies in New Delhi. Having capabilities across event management, production management, technical solutions, integrated marketing, MICE and digital marketing. One of our landmark projects featured us working as an integrated marketing specialist company to cover an 11 city India tour which started in New Delhi.

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