How to transform your corporate event into an experience?

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Everyone has been a part of the event at some point or another. Be it a personal event like a wedding, birthday, baby shower or corporate events like business launches, conferences, seminars, etc.

Corporate events are rapidly growing and evolving. It is no longer purely centered on a product launch or a conference but has been elevated to the next level where event revolve around what the attendees are taking back home as an experience at the event.

Here are some elements that you might consider in your upcoming seminar or conference to make it memorable for your delegates.

Make it Personal

Would you prefer to gift a luxury pen to all your attendees or personalize each pen with their name carved on the same luxury pen?  The latter sounds more interesting, right? That’s what personalization does. It helps connect to the audience directly and drives a positive relationship between the brand and their customers and clients through an integrated marketing approach.

Go beyond typical venues

It is said, when the venue is right, everything else follows. This is because it sets the right ambiance for the event. As an experiential marketing company, we always suggest more off-beat venues for the main event to give attendees an altogether new experience. For instance, an engagement activity in an open lounge is more fun than having it inside a ballroom. This opens up a plethora of new opportunities for attendees to engage with the brand in different ways.

Music Done Right  

Choosing the right music for the right occasion adds an atmospheric element to the event. Music can be added to your event in number of unique and innovative ways. For instance, incorporate an interactive music show as an opening act for the evening or welcome attendees with a spot of classical music. You could even consider introducing your keynote speaker with thematic music playing in the background.

Interact with the audience

Corporate events are flooded with knowledge sharing sessions, from discussing market trends to speaking about new products or categories or even planning next year’s strategy. To keep the attendees engaged and attentive, it is very important to interact with them. For launch activities, try having the entire team walk on stage to launch it or giving the audience a clap pipe and ask them to bang it against each other instead of clapping and co-ordinate it with the reveal. This makes the attendees feel special and essential for the success of the event.

Now that you know what to keep in mind when you plan your next event, here are a few examples of how we incorporate these elements for our clients