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The Covid-19 Pandemic has directly or indirectly affected the livelihoods of over 60 million people. Losses in the first 2 months of the lockdown were estimated to be upwards of Rs 3000 crore. It has been a very testing year for everybody associated with Live Events and Experiences. But… The worst is over.

Download EEMA Event Safety Document

Unlock 4.0 has begun. And it is looking good. The government is allowing gatherings of up to 100 people at a time. Whilst we are grateful to the Central Government for easing these restrictions, a lot of us in the events and experiential industry have been doing our own home work to make sure that we are prepared for everything the pandemic can throw at us.

The Events and Entertainment Management Association of India (EEMA) has come out with a rich and highly researched document on Safety and Sanitation protocols for every kind of conceivable live event.

These SOPs are highly detailed and very specific. As a responsible agency of the country and a long standing member of EEMA, NeoNiche has embraced these new Safety and Sanitation protocols with purpose.

The SOPs Safety-first protocols define strict safety guidelines for the following:

  • Weddings & Social Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Corporate Activations
  • Large Conferences
  • Government & Large Scale Events
  • Rural Marketing
  • Religious Events
  • Music Concerts & Festivals

It will take some time before live events and experiences take place like before. But it is the duty of responsible event companies to uphold these SOPs to the highest standards and ensure a safe event.

As we rally behind #OpenSafeEvents2SaveEvents, we look forward to connecting with Brands once more to curate Remarkable Live Experiences again.

Take a look at the complete SOP document here.

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