6 Ways you can BOOST Productivity of Remote Employees

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In the beginning we thought it would last just a couple of weeks. Now, we are in September, nearly half a year later. Covid-19 has brought down to its knees age old misconceptions and decimated traditional mind-sets.

One of the most important realizations for corporates across the board has been the wide spread acceptance of remote working employees or as it was called in the 2000’s – telecommuting. This brings with itself a new set of challenges.

Now, employers and H.R. departments everywhere are trying to crack the code of keeping these remote employees MOTIVATED and ENGAGED.

Here are 6 Ways you can Boost Productivity of Remote Employees.


Let’s face it. Rewards & Recognition events are the platforms that put the employees in the spotlight. These events bring together all departments of the organisation together, celebrate high-performers and also get key messages across from the Leadership. Why then should the Pandemic spoil this annual party? Host it online in a customised Virtual Environment. Most aspects of the real world may be effectively replicated with the right planning and partners, ensuring that this yearly event carries on as normally as possible.


Targets. Targets. Targets. The word every sales person is all too familiar with. It makes good business sense to rally your sales troops under one roof, motivate them and even roll out incentives for the year ahead. This year do the same, but online. The options available today to create an immersive and effective kick off are plenty. You just need the right Virtual Event Partner.


Remember Traditional Day’s in office? Miss them, maybe? Curate a series of special days and use digital meeting platforms to restart the same traditions. Chai time chats, e-Potluck lunches are just some of the many fun ways to curate great digital experiences.


The importance of Town Halls is known to one and all. Curate an effective town hall for your organisation by using the right mix of technology, content, communication and maybe even effective storytelling.


Celebrate your top performers through a completely transparent and dynamic rewards points system. Digital Gift cards are great ways to incentivise your people and puts the power of choice in their hands which is a very important point that is often lost out on.


More and more organisations are curating webinars and e-shows around team building activities and games. Be it digi-antakshari or e-tambola the options are endless and entertaining. Set out a day in your organisations calendar for fun team building activities.

Did you find these ideas interesting? If you’re looking for some cool ways to engage and motivate your team mates, Book a demo with NeoNiche today.