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Back in the good old days of Live Events, it was common practice to begin first with the design strategy and then retrofit a content strategy on top of it. It worked, up until 2019. 2020 has taught us that if you want to move ahead, you've got to make a U-turn sometimes.

The advent and mass acceptance of the Virtual Event era has made Marketers and Brands rethink and re-develop their attack plans. Experiences and Events are no longer just about set designs and giveaways, but they now critically focus on what kind of content will be delivered and how it will be delivered.

Content is embedded throughout your life. Every piece of text, video and real-life interaction with a potential customer or long lost friend is either content that you create or content that you intake. It influences you, it affects you, and it sometimes even handholds you through a decision making process.

Experiential Content is using content to tell your brand stories through the use of interactive storytelling and immersive technologies. It has the ability to engage all 5 senses and create a connection or memory that far outlasts the present experience. It has the ability to hook your audience onto sights, sounds and stories that interest them and connect with them.

So the next time you sit down to plan your next successful Virtual or Live Experience, remember to think content first. And when you do, make sure you don’t forget that your content should be all of the following:

Vidya Balan said it best – Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment. Your content must make people have a good time. And if they are having a good time they will listen better. They will begin to trust more.

All marketing content is designed to educate and inform the customer. Experiential content just makes this endeavour more effective. As the old saying goes, ‘Show me and I will forget, Teach me and I may remember, but Involve me and I’ll learn.’

You alone are not responsible for creating all the content. You need a team. And if you do it right, you will realise a lot of your team members are your customers. Their ability to churn out genuine testimonials or experience videos is invaluable.

While the above three points discuss how much value your content must create for the customer, it must also create value for the business. Create your content with the end goal of it helping your business get a bigger piece of the pie.

So remember, design and content go hand in hand, but it makes more sense today, to begin with content first and then design your solutions and experiences around it. Over the last decade, and in particular, over the last 6 months, NeoNiche has empowered dozens of Global and Local brands to make better connections with their customers using this Content-First Strategy.

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