Six Skills every Event Planner must have post Covid -19

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Yes, we know it. Physical events are gradually being allowed. As the month's pass, restrictions will be eased, and people will get together again. But as much as we may celebrate this, we must also be aware that the ‘New Normal’ will soon become just ‘Normal’. And if you want to create an amazing experience for your attendees; both on-ground and online, then you must possess these Six Skills every Event Planner must have post-COVID-19.

Familiarity with Tech – And how to Troubleshoot

Hybrid events are the name of the game today. Events that have a physical aspect supported by a robust online presence. In the old days if ‘technicals’ meant stage, lights and sounds; post Covid-19, ‘technicals’ now include Virtual Event Platforms, Content Management Systems, Audience Response Systems and more. Find out more about them, deep dive into them and learn how to fix them is there is a breakdown.


Latest Info on the Latest Restrictions

More than ever, Event planners need to be up to date with the latest guidelines. Even the smallest error has the capabilities of crippling the entire industry again. Have your SOPs in place and keep a constant eye out for what’s the latest developments.


Brush up on Social Media

Basically, everybody is in front of a screen for a large part of waking hours. And your social media account is just an alt-tab away. Planners must now also understand this highly dynamic and organic media platform. Whether it just be a simple post boosting campaign or a cross-platform complicated virtual product launch, you need to know how to do it.


Create a Crisis Management Plan

Nobody was prepared for this Pandemic. But it happened. Create and implement a Crisis Management Plan keeping in mind the current scenarios. Plan for everything that can go wrong, and institute safeguards at every step.


Understand the Power and Potential of Content

Content Marketing is only going to get bigger. Brands are going to focus more on the quality and type of content as the days go by.  Learn all about Content. How to use it, how to create it and also where to unleash it. And here is a quick tip: If you can make your content interactive; always do so.


Upgrade, Upskill, Update

An event planners journey never ends. There is always a new story to tell and a new technology to use. So keep yourself abreast with all the latest happenings. Follow the best blogs, read up on the biggest case studies, get certified in new skills, and always look for that extra squeeze space to make an experience truly remarkable.


We understand a lot of brands are apprehensive about hosting a live event. It’s natural that they think Safety-first. Hence, as event planners, it is our responsibility to reinforce their beliefs in live events. For them to trust us, we must begin to trust each other. And for that to happen, the entire event industry has to unlearn some old skills, adopt the strictest Safety & Sanitation SOPs, and create a very secure environment for every single person attending the event or working behind the scenes at the event.

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