Event Management Tips in 2019

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In the events industry, creating a seamless experience for attendees, guest speakers and other stakeholders can be daunting task. Creating an environment to facilitate the right mix of audience engagement, knowledge-sharing and networking is tricky but if well-planned can turn into a stellar success

Here are a few tips from our experience as an experiential marketing company that can change the perception and outlook of attendees towards the overall event.

Creating Effective Timelines

One of the most aggravating aspects of events for attendees is the wait time. Delayed beginnings and overextended sessions can lead to a massive change in schedule for your attendees. If CXOs or other senior management form part of the core target audience, you must be especially careful that you stick to timelines. In general, attendees reach early if they haven’t visited the venue to ensure they catch every minute of the event. As an event management company in Mumbai, we know that delays at any point during the agenda will have an impact on the overall timeline which can leave attendees frustrated and in some cases, they may have to revise their schedule completely or will have to leave the event in a rush. Specializing in corporate event management, we can tell you that the best way to tackle these issues is to ensure planning and execution is completed well in advance and allocate lag time for each session within the agenda itself.

Seamless Registration Process

When dealing with a multitude of attendees (primarily events for 200+ pax), the registration area is often considered one of the most troublesome aspects of the event. Capturing the unique details of each attendee and segmenting them into different groups pre-event can help create a simplified and effective on-site registration. A simple QR code with unique ID details can be given to customers before the event to easily cross-check details and print their unique badges/details in a timely and organized manner.

Photo Op

Increased social media traction: Keeping a motif of a specific hashtag of the event within the confines of the photo op zone can encourage attendees to incorporate it into their social media posts or stories.

Showcase Attendee Creativity: Besides from just being attractive, a photo op can also be ingeniously constructed for attendees to showcase their creativity. These photo ops can induce participation and typically tend to garner more attention.

Opinion Bites: While most photo ops are designed to be visually stunning, content can also play a key role in this activity. Having simple pre-printed cut-outs with opinions or utilizing reusable surfaces (simple whiteboards, dot-matrix signboards, etc.) can encourage attendees to give their personal views on a topic at the event.

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Environment for Networking

When it comes to events, a key aspect of every one of them is a networking aspect. Whether planned or not, networking features in every event by simply bringing attendees from similar backgrounds under a single roof. Another key point to keep in mind is that some attendees decide to attend events for the main purpose of networking. Therefore, when designing your event, ensure you keep sufficient time between sessions to keep attendees from facing an information overload and possibly an entire session dedicated to networking before or after the event.

While these are only a few aspects among several, designing an event keeping in mind these four simple aspects can help create a stellar attendee experience for your customers and stakeholders.