Targeted Marketing: Why companies need to build an effective database

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After recently completing AWS Summit 2019 which catered to over 6000 attendees, we thought we discuss the importance of building relationships with your clients, customers and stakeholders form an event management company perspective along with the best ways to connect with them.

When it comes to events, the most important aspect will always be your attendees. Keeping a keen eye on details and interactions can help build a positive rapport with clients and prospects.

Here are some of the basic details you should capture:

  • Full name
  • Email ID
  • Phone number
  • Location (the city name itself will likely fit most of your campaigns)
  • Age
  • Profession
  • Company (if any)
  • Stakeholder type

Reaching out to your target group is slightly more tricky. While approaching a demographic, the content and visuals should be complimentary and drive the same core messaging. As different visual styles and content appeal to different target groups, both need to be crafted with a common idea to driving a campaign.

Although there are several ways to reach out to these individuals, the best way for corporate event management companies in India is considered the email. Using an email automation tool like Mailchimp and Leadsquared can be used to track previous communications sent, assess individual engagement level and initiate further discussions.

Besides email marketing, a well segmented database can be used to drive online and offline campaigns reaching out to a hyper local audience. Another additional aspect that most companies include in their database is hot and cold leads. This enables them to contact the right audience at the right time. Considering the highly digital life we lead, commenting or liking a post on social media can also improve engagement and connect with a larger audience.

Overall, in today’s customer-centric world, driving meaningful interactions and intelligent conversations can improve brand perception. Individuals are also more likely to engage with brands that appeal to them specifically. In this regard, building an up-to-date segmented database that can keep a track of your target audience and most engaged stakeholders are key to the growth of targeted marketing, especially for integrated marketing companies.