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Photo opportunities (photo ops) are a fairly common feature for event attendees, however they are often underutilized in the event management industry. While considering potential photo ops to incorporate, you might want to consider which aspect you want to focus on.

Increased social media traction

Keeping a motif of a specific hashtag of the event within the confines of the photo op zone can encourage attendees to incorporate it into their social media posts or stories. This has been gaining traction recently and seems to be a fairly common feature for event management agencies. However, including it has become invaluable. Even if attendees choose against using the hashtag, if the photo op is creative and distinct, it may trigger viewers to look up the event via the hashtag. So it’s best to keep it Instagram-and Facebook-friendly.

Personalized Giveaways / Instant Gifts

Having an internet enabled camera can help attendees receive an instant digital memory. If connected to a printer, these photos can become an instant gift to attendees visiting. Conversely, you can also include a photo print as part of their giveaway kit for a more personalized experience.

Showcase Attendee Creativity

Besides from just being attractive, a photo op can also be ingeniously constructed for attendees to showcase their creativity. Stemming from our experience with experiential marketing services, there are several photo ops are intrinsically created for this purpose – Anti-gravity and chroma key booths are both excellent examples. These photo ops can induce participation and typically tend to garner more attention.

Opinion Bites

While most photo ops are designed to be visually stunning, content can also play a key role in this activity. Having simple pre-printed cut-outs with opinions or utilizing reusable surfaces (simple whiteboards, dot-matrix signboards, etc.) can encourage attendees to give their personal views on a topic at the event. These opinion pieces can also be utilized post-event as a thought-leadership article with attendees as the central data point.

Overall photo opportunities can be a great tool depending on the purpose decided upon. Besides, when it comes to experiential marketing companies, photo opportunities are a great way of engaging with the audience without requiring participation. Just keep one thing in mind, while photo ops can serve multiple purposes, it should cover two essential aspects – It should be fun and it should leave non-participants with a sense of FoMo (for anyone who doesn’t understand millennial lingo, it stands for Fear of Missing Out).