Audience Engagement – Do’s and Don’ts

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Is your brand connecting adequately with the target audiences? Engagement and Interaction are two major steps any brand should climb after all crust.

Customer retention is the priority. Out of every 400 marketers; 384 want to make a long-term relationship with the customers and they can opt for either methodology or/and technology or/and ideology for this same.

Then the question arises: What format is to be used by the brands? or Why a particular technique is to be adopted? and, How will that benefit the brand’s image?

The recent Dove – break the stereotype advertisement took beauty to a new tangent and re-defined the essence. Or, the extremely engaging “the yawning/contagious billboard” concept (where a billboard showcased a man yawning and since this is so contagious (70% of the people yawn when they see someone) that the solution was provided to them via Café Pelé) engaged people to an enormous amount. This was by far one of the most creative online-offline mixes of promoting a brand and retaining the customers.

The idea behind anything you do is to make a difference and come up with a solution subtly. Every experiential marketing company will tell you that the techniques you come across either stays & marks a lasting impact or flies away as the moment passes. Here’s what all of the engaging advertisements have in common:

  • Identifying Spectators- No matter how good a match may be; until and unless you have the perfect motivation from your attendees, and an adrenaline rush of inspiration from the spectators, the win is hollow. Similarly, your brand may be the best amongst the league but until it is acknowledged by the right Target Audiences, the show is a flop one. There’s no point in spending tons of resources on promotional activities and integrated marketing services that do not cater to your TG, hence the first and the foremost step is to Identify and Recognize your target audiences.
  • Play with the Human Psychology– Remember the #Sharetheload Ariel ad? Well, the impact was tremendous – from a basic note in a day-to-day life, this ad changed the meaning of detergent powders and now everyone has an emotion attached to it.
  • If you’re not 100% sure, don’t do it!- Sometimes a slightest of doubt can save you from committing a mistake. Aggressive marketing is great when you have the right medium and perception of promotion- the latest Airtel 4G advertisement is one of the most recalled ads one could ever think of.
    Yes, one remembers it more than anything but not as a sign of a happy memory!
  • Thinking creative doesn’t mean intricate- Most of the marketers have tried calling their creative senses and experimenting with the “out-of-the-box” front, but they seem to have forgotten the simplicity that can easily connect and attract the customers. Too much of anything is bad-hence it is important to catch hold of the perfect balance.
  • A Cough, Clap and Create Experiences: You need to sweat and focus on the strategy you opt for. Thorough determination and smart intelligence are required to create impeccable experiences for the customers. Recalling the unforgettable ad- Hari Sadu and the Cadbury’s “Pappu paas ho gaya!” brings joyous memories till date. These were simple yet brilliantly executed advertisements that still carry weight-age. Hence execution is the key to success provided you have done a comprehensive research and homework.

Event management companies have pioneered technology that gives a new power that transmits life into brands- now you have brands walking, talking, and representing themselves. Making healthier, prudent relationships and engaging the audiences has become easier but the path is full of high thoughtfulness, perspective and selecting the right mediums.