‘To Be’ or ‘Not Be’ Digital?

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Your competitors are trying new methods to achieve targets and while they are busy working on their strategies and creative end; you struggle to untie the knot. Often, you think to take over different aspects of business and become a master of everything- but it’s high time you realize how important every department is and how can it contribute to your success journey.

The website is the essence of online presence and by default – the first and the foremost requirement. Now there are several lucrative offers that promise an incredible website in minimal amount. That sounds great! – isn’t it? What else do you need?
A website, social media pages (which are easy to create), a document uploading here or there and then you’re good to go!

Ever thought of having a digital arm taking care of different aspects of your brand? Having or not having a digital agency is not the question- the question is whether you need it or not. Times have changed, strategies evolved, creativity and technology have taken a shift- and ONLINE is the new “MARKET-IN.”

Here’s why it’s necessary for you to scroll down and read these points:

  1. Perfect Sense: Creative, PR, Digital, Marketing, and Technical- these aspects hold a vast amount of knowledge that is a must for any brand to have today. Digital is not only a trend but a major shift. It’s not just about hiring a tech-savvy and a writer to run your online presence; social media is much more than that. Where once you only needed a few community managers in your agency, you now need hundreds. It no longer always makes sense for a client to pay you to hire people when it would be more cost effective to hire directly.
  2. Strategize: No matter how much we ignore but the fact is that all businesses run on profits and profits are derived from long-term clients. For the clients to have faith and trust in your work; your marketing needs to be rock solid. Every brand that has stayed and been there for ages has known to follow one rule: MOVE WITH THE STRATEGY AND TIME. Till date, you opt for your favorite “AMUL BUTTER” and nothing else despite the substitutes. When it comes to men’s apparel trusted brand, you prefer RAYMOND – and AIRTEL is still ruling us like MAGGI. These brands could have gone with the moment as we subtly slipped into the digital era- but they withstood the changing times and acknowledged the power of online mediums. Today AMUL has the strongest goodwill (and the wittiest for sure) and Maggi, Airtel, and other veteran brands are still the pioneers of the industry.
  3. Content-Ricacies– With an absolute change in the mode of promotion, content is attracting a lot of interests. You might be posting some amazing content and sharing the best of the knowledge- but is the content reaching the right TG? Is the content engaging your audiences? Are your visitors coming back to your website and follow you simply because it seems you’re tailor-made for them?- a digital-arm rests its expertise in handling all the “content-intricacies” and also revising the angle of your brand visibility.
    Also, not forgetting the impact SEO, PPC, SME, SMO has on our customers and their preferences- there are different ways of getting connected to them.

Re-Think, Re-Wise, Re-Implement all your energy into investing in a digital arm which helps grow your goodwill and acknowledges the value of long-term brand marketing.