Why are team events important in a workplace?

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‘A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected’.

Appreciation has a curious way of working and yet has the power to yield impactful results. When this simple strategy is implemented in a corporate setup, it can prove to be instrumental in setting the company on the road to success. But, here’s the game-changing part, including an appreciative approach in a company’s work environment, appraisals, communication and internal branding is the real catalyst.

This is where the coupling of this approach with experiential marketing can work its charm. Experiential marketing is a powerful way to create the right brand impression and interactions. And as important as this is in the B2C space, it is just as important in a B2B space. Corporate team events are a leg of experiential marketing that only a few big players in the market seem to want to spend on. But here’s why any corporate event management company will tell you to add this to your annual marketing plan, irrespective of how many employees you have.

Recognizing the Organization’s achievements

Team events can be a great platform to make a public declaration of what you have achieved as a company. Not only does it keep everybody in the loop of where the company is headed it also gives them a glimpse of how their hard work is paying off. The result? Employees are more motivated to increase the effort they’re putting in. A team event can help create the ambitious work environment that many powerhouse companies boast of. Besides, you know what they say, it’s important to acknowledge the wins and let off some steam. This way, employees return to work feeling rejuvenated.

Reward top performers

Teams are made up of individual employees and employees have their individual motivators. For many, it is the need to be publicly appreciated and feel proud of what they do. Event organizers in India and across the world will testify that a corporate team event is the perfect avenue to carry out this activity. Not only does it give top performers a reason to repeat their achievement it can make their ambitiousness contagious, giving other employees a reason to bring their A-game to work.

Encourage team building

Finally, it’s not only a big team that faces the problem of a disconnect between its members. Small teams too can somehow get so roped into their work schedule that there is no scope for healthy interaction and getting to know each other. Remember, a team that knows each other fairly well can do wonders when they need to put in a combined effort. This also facilitates healthy competition within the teams and promotes an environment, where employees are helpful toward each other and are willing to assist their team-mates in growing. A team that is growing individually as well as collectively is obviously an asset to the company.

In conclusion, a corporate team event can help you create a workplace that is positive, rewarding and reveals a confident face to clients. In short, investing in your employees is investing in getting a solid client relationship on board.