5 Unique Corporate Event Ideas for your next event

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Almost every company organizes events in some form or the other; it could be for customers, internal employees or even the media. The key is to create something unique that will make your event stand out and meet your business goals – some of the common goals are sales activities, creating an exciting launch event, or just sharing knowledge and gaining visibility.

Here are 5 unique ideas that organizations can start including in their events from today:

  • Go unconventional – Use an immersive stage design instead of conventional square or rectangle screens
    Most companies like to play it safe with a stage and screen they are comfortable with. Traditional Powerpoint presentations in a 4:3 or 16:9 ratio are no longer enough. Use creative stage designs with unusual patterns or immersive designs to create a unique experience for your attendees that they will remember.
  • Integrate engagement into speaker sessions
    Events usually involve a keynote speech and a few specialist speakers as part of the agenda. However, if the attendees lose interest midway, it is far more difficult to captivate their attention again. Instead, try using engagement tools within the session. Everyone has a mobile phone with them so consider using simple games like Kahoot! which allow for real-time and practical knowledge-sharing based on the topic.
  • Integrate loyal customer speakers as part of the sessions
    Companies are risk-averse and often times are doubtful of the capabilities of new technologies and solutions. Ask a CXO of a loyal client who has experienced the benefits to speak to your customers or potential clients. They can walk attendees through the requirements, transition policy and ease of access through practical examples they faced. This also lends credibility to your product or solution.
  • Include CSR as a feel-good factor
    In India, CSR is a mandatory aspect of business. Showcase your efforts and tie-up with NGOs for community welfare. Several NGOs focus on an environmental aspect, child education and skills training. Keeping a CSR activity where people participate and are awarded with a tree plantation certificate or other CSR-based benefit can be a vital tool to improve brand image.
  • Incorporate a footfall counter
    When you are unsure about the number of attendees coming for the event, a technological footfall counter that captures the number of people entering the event or a particular session can significantly aid in crowd flow management. If the counter is displayed to the audience, it can also be used to deter attendees who are adamant on attending although the session is filled to capacity.

Event management companies and corporate event planners alike can use these ideas to create a more immersive and engaging event for their attendees.