6 excellent ideas for your next corporate event

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As the years keep rolling by, experiential marketing has taken on new avatars and creativity has bloomed in this dynamic environment. Here are some of the trends that will help any corporate event organizer to elevate their attendee experience to the next level.

Venues: There has always been a demand for interesting venues. Interesting means impactful; impactful means memorable; memorable means messages are absorbed; absorbed messages means behavioral change. Corporate event management companies are always on the lookout to deliver something never been seen before and a unique venue can intrinsically help change attendee outlook towards an event.

Think of museums, art galleries and sports stadiums.

Creative Meeting Rooms: Creating a meeting space in your booth is a brilliant way of captivating your attendees’ attention and giving them the opportunity to speak with you in a private setting.

Allow and encourage attendees to make appointments to speak with your team in the meeting room which will help spark a creative discussion. If someone attending the show is not the key decision maker, encourage them to schedule a phone call with the person who is in your meeting space.

Go Green: Removing unnecessary plastic from events will be the biggest trend of 2019. There is quite simply no longer a need for any events to have hundreds of plastic straws and cups, cutlery and other unnecessary single-use items. Both clients and consumers are now more likely to expect and demand that sustainability is core to the brands they buy from and from their employees.

Interactive Experiences: Both VR and AR technologies allow for much more engaging and interactive experiences for attendees. For example, AR can provide attendees with heads-up, turn-by-turn event directions. Some of the best corporate event planners are already taking advantage of AR technology to transform the automobile industry.

For example, VNTANA is an interactive hologram technology company that is building a hologram car configurator that will allow consumers to actually see themselves inside their dream car.

Create Curiosity: Curiosity is a natural action driver whether in life or at events. What’s behind that curtain? The unknown can drive ticket sales, increase engagement and keep people talking about your event.

In a time with constant access to information, where all the world’s knowledge is a quick Google search away, secrets are the magic ingredient that can create a memorable experience. Harness the power of the unknown.