5 event management ideas to keep in mind for 2019

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Events can be the perfect amalgamation fun, interesting and meaningful experiences at a single time. They also tend to use the latest technologies to give attendees a state-of-the-art experience that suits their brand personality. Event management companies in Mumbai and across India are constantly looking for the next unique idea to wow your attendees so we have come up with a few unique ideas to incorporate in your next event.
  1. Puzzle-solving
    Creating new and unique puzzles are sure to pique attendee interest and engage with them for a longer duration. Look for the right mix of challenging, interesting and rewarding (challenging even for the best corporate event organizers) to have your attendees talking about it throughout the event.
  2. Mascots
    Mascots have been a feature of brands for many years and a life-sized version of a cute brand ambassador or animal tends to work well at corporate events. Mascots can be used to reflect the brand or serve spread some love and affection throughout the event. Mascots are often underutilized but due to their versatility, can play a big part in the success of the event.
  3. Showcase Prototypes
    Events are often seen as a cost-centre with little ROI achieved from a significant investment. However, events are also a great method to receive and understand feedback. Showcasing prototypes of your latest innovation and how it works will create a sense of excitement and intrigue amongst the audience. Besides from that, it also works as a test market to understand how your target group might receive the product and understand which aspects should be improved upon before the final launch.
  4. Beacons to Track Footfall
    The size and scale of events make it cumbersome to keep a track of everyone at a venue. Trying to streamline the customer journey into a single flow might not be possible at times. Beacons, a relatively newer form of technology, is perfect for any event hotspots in the area. Beacons are most commonly used for exhibition areas to track whether an attendee has visited and spent time at a single booth. However, they can also be used to understand which areas people prefer spending time around and can give key new insights into your event.
  5. Waste Art
    Corporate social responsibility has been gaining traction over the last few years and has become an integral part of organizational plans. Many experiential marketing companies see waste art as a trending feature at events where companies use their excess or scrap material to form gorgeous artistic creations. The best event planners tie this into their theme to align attendees with their eco-friendly initiatives or to showcase that even waste material can be put repurposed and put to good use. Found at registration desks in the form of old boxes or installations made from thrash, waste art is a unique way of captivating your audience’s attention and demonstrating a common sense of duty towards society.