How can retailers redefine the shopping experience

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The second half of the year is filled with joyous moments and celebrations. All over the country there is an air of happiness and glee. The best products, best services, and best experiences fill the market. Customers are drawn to them like bears to a pot of honey. Stores are seeing greater footfalls as retailers continue to provide customers with easier, more convenient and exciting purchase experiences

Let’s have a look at how Retailers can redefine the shopping experience:


A survey by a top Experiential Marketing Company found that 84% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. Marketers must focus on right time right message marketing across the channels and devices that your shopper prefers.

Whether through SMS, email, or social, make sure you go into this season ready to engage your consumer on their preferred method of communication. For example, social messaging is a great way to provide that in-channel seamless experience.


India is at the cusp of a massive digital revolution. This new connectivity paradigm has led to the rise in the usage of social media, apps, instant messaging platforms and m-commerce in this region. As a result, consumers now expect a seamless, connected and continuous brand experience across multiple brand touch points like apps, websites, social channels and in-store.

Brands look for Integrated Marketing Solutions which can provide their customers with focused experiences. This expectation peaks during the festive season as people start building wish lists across multiple channels and are likely to start, pause and resume their purchase journey from any channel at any time.


While the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) sentiment is relevant globally, consumers in India are especially wary about missing out on a great offer during the season sale.

This consumer behaviour is a testament to why instant, personalized and Omni channel communications during the festive season have a whopping 80% higher conversion rates.

When you can combine a great product with a great customer experience, you become unforgettable. And that’s what keeps people coming back. So this festive season be ready for something unique. Because retailers are doing to build relationships around experiences.