Augmenting digital capabilities in the short-term to stay relevant in the future

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The world is coming closer together every day as digital means of communication continue to thrive. More and more people across age groups are starting to become more comfortable with the latest technologies and platforms.

This can be seen predominantly with the influx of viewership on Youtube, Netflix and other OTT platforms that have incorporated a mandatory maximum resolution of 480p instead of 1080p as earlier available due to an increased demand for video content. It is astounding to note that although there were pandemics in the past, we are still facing this global crisis without adequate knowledge or preparation as multiple countries have simultaneously called for nation-wide lockdowns.

Video / virtual chat platforms such as Zoom, Google Duo, Skype and GoToWebinar have seen a dramatic rise in subscriptions to facilitate interpersonal connections for work as well as relaxation. This has very evidently shown that with the rise of the internet, remote meetings and working remotely is a viable, even thriving alternative.

The human race is constantly innovating, finding solutions to even the minutest of problems. As an experiential marketing company, we are always constantly seeking advancements in technology and the latest trends. While we deep-dive further into the technological rabbit-hole, we are simultaneously normalizing this work style for the youngest generation of our workforce, which in turn paves the way for a digital first-experience.

As more companies start to unearth value and witness first-hand how technology can improve their reach to their target group in a more personal, comfortable way, event management companies in India and across the globe must augment their digital capabilities to stay relevant in the future.

However, for the short-term, experiential marketing companies must focus their efforts on creating safe and sanitized environments for people while the larger corporate sector as a whole is just about starting to find its bearings and create alternate business opportunities moving forward.