4 Experiences to Include in your next Virtual Event

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Virtual events are not new to the world, but with the outbreak of COVID-19, Virtual events are certainly seen as the right way, or probably the only way forward to interact with the audiences, customers and stakeholders.

The pandemic has forced many brands and even event management companies to adapt to the virtual format.

Here are 4 experiences that you can include in your next virtual event.

Live Games

Engaging the attendees throughout the event is a challenging task in itself and when it comes to a virtual event it is even more challenging. So how to involve games in a virtual event?

  1. a) Have a ‘Break Time’ button which will direct the attendees to a game page or
  2. b) Plan gamification to launch the product or add quiz during a long and tiring session to make sure attendees are attentive and interested.

Live Entertainment

Just because you are taking a physical event to a virtual platform your attendees need not have to compromise on entertainment. A virtual event can set-up a musical concert within the event platform. Artists can pre-record their performances and broadcast during the virtual event or artists can livestream their performances and integrate it into the virtual event.

Incentives to engage online

Giveaways are always a good way to increase audience engagements. Unlike in physical events, handing giveaways wouldn’t be as easy as it sounds in a virtual set-up. In a virtual event, attendees can be offered coupons or vouchers in interesting ways. For instance, attendees visiting maximum brand booths will receive an X amount of voucher, or multiple coupons can be hidden anywhere in the virtual event, and attendees will have to virtually tour the event to find it.


Well, Chatbots are underrated but it is one of the most important elements to add in a virtual event. Attendees might have multiple queries and not answering at the right time may diminish its importance.  Having a Chatbots is a great way to get attendees questions answered quickly. Key questions can be identified and answers can be pre-fed which can further gather lead for the company to follow-up.

With so many tools available to organize virtual events, event planners in India and abroad can take events to the next level by thinking out of the box for virtual events. Unlike others, we as an experiential marketing company have everything ready to help you take your event online.