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“Think bigger and better” is the agenda of every summit, “improvise and innovate” is goal of every plan made. However often the essence of these strategies and planning is lost somewhere amidst the myths and beliefs based on theories. Why always try to “think outside the box” and why not imagine that there is absolutely no presence of the box. Often the methods of marketing are debated over when it comes to justifying their credibility and expected returns.

One such method is Influencer marketing which in emerging strongly and is resulting in increased RoI for the business. Now the first thing that strikes the human brain when Influencer marketing is discussed is the celebrity engagement to generate an enduring and impactful presence in the industry. And since celebrity engagement involves huge costs, it is always believed that Influencer marketing is the least pocket-friendly method. The underlying feature of Influencer Marketing is that it is free of all bias. The fact that, rising above all the myths around Influencer marketing and experiencing the most fruitful method to reach the brand fulfillment stage is not tough. One should be just clear in the thought process and determined in actions.

Consider the three brands that are clearing the myths around Influencer marketing and breaking the stereotypes.

  • Celebrity Engagement; Not A Mandate
    Whoever said that influencer marketing begins from a Celebrity, needs to get his facts straight. NIKON as a brand launched the campaign to promote its connected camera offerings during the warner sound festival. The company partnered with Warner Music Group and created a buzz on Twitter and Facebook by broadcasting the pictures taken by photographers which were given the Nikon Cameras. This called for an immense and participative engagement that triggered not only the revenues but also rose up the market visibility of the brand.
  • Unregulated Method; Definitely Not True
    Red Bull is breaking all stereotypes about how unregulated influencer marketing is. Red Bull has 2.3 million followers on Instagram and there is no two way as to how well Red Bull is utilizing this platforms. There is a proper and regulated channel that regulates the process of promotion. The Athletes from around the globe are talking about the product and posting videos and sharing their reviews. This has pre-defined guidelines that are followed from both ends. The terms and the contract of collaboration, the content shared, the intent is structured and pre-stated. Hence the market is totally regulated and so is the marketing through the influencer channel.
  • Sky-Rocketing Not Monetarily
    British Airways proved that big bucks are not the real reason behind success. Big ideas are. Through the campaign UnGrounded “Innovation Lab In The Sky”, British airways assembled 100 silicon valley visionaries on a flight to London to ensure innovation and improvisations in ideas. This was a hit technique that helped build connections and network. Also, this resulted in creating 22 ideas in the short time span of 5 hours.

It is hence clear that influencer marketing is a catalyst in the development and enhancement of the business. However, the point to be noted while adopting influencer methods is to ensure that the theories and myths aren’t believed. Influencer Marketing is a broad spectrum of varied sub-techniques of gaining popularity and hence should encompass all aspects of marketing.