6 Things to Remember while Hosting your Event Post COVID-19

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With the outbreak of COVID-19, the event industry is one of the most affected industries. Since the onset of the pandemic, many events have been either cancelled or postponed. Once the world is back to normal, events will witness a major change especially on the part of event planners and venues. It is surely a combined effort in order to restart the industry and start hosting physical events yet again.

Here are 6 things that every brand and event management company should keep in mind while hosting event post-COVID-19.

Practice Social Distancing

Scientists think the world have to socially distance until 2022. So even after the lockdown is lifted and we find a vaccine for COVID-19, we still have to follow social distancing. When it comes to mass gathering, it becomes even more important as risk is higher. Event organisers across the globe have to follow the guidelines issued by the Government for social distancing.

Safety & Security of the team

Utmost important is the safety of the people in your organization. Event organisers in India will have to be more cautious and invest more for the safety of their resources.

More Robots than Humans

Robots aren’t susceptible to viruses. Whether they are used to deliver groceries or to take vitals in a healthcare system or to keep a factory running, we have eventually realized how robots could support us today and play an important role in a post-COVID-19 world.

Look ahead of the pandemic

With a lot of uninvited guests visiting the world, no wonder if any new virus shows up in the next few months or years. Post COVID-19 it is even more important to be careful when it comes to mass gatherings. It is better to stay updated and ready than to wait and learn from mistakes. Companies that are well-prepared will recover quickly.

Ensure Covid-free events

Clients completely trust the event management company they plan to work with when it comes to the safety of their guests. Make sure the venue is well sanitized, all the attendees are provided with essentials to protect themselves and temperature checking machines are installed at every entry point. Event Managers will have to take every step possible to ensure the event is Covid free else it will bring about the collapse of the industry again.

 Be Transparent

Sugarcoated sentences are always good to hear, but it is very important to be transparent towards your clients. Share every detail about the challenges you as an event management company are facing and what is your approach towards it.  Remember, everyone will appreciate honesty.

Events will happen, but just not in the same way. As we move towards a gig economy, so will the events industry adapt to on board new technicians and specialists, who not long ago weren’t considered essential to an event. The times are changing, will you still be the same?