Celebrating the ‘Wolf Pack’ culture of Tata Motor Finance

Tata Motor Finance Employee Business Conference 2020


Tata Motor Finance, a pioneer of vehicle financing, uses their Annual Employee Business Conference 2020 to connect with their internal stakeholders, discuss organizational work culture and chart the way forward for the company.

One of the primary reasons for curating this event was to motivate individuals with exceptional talent to stimulate growth amongst the entire company. As a result, the event focused on improving the work culture  and driving individual and organizational growth.

Tata Motor Finance - Employee Business Conference 2020
Tata Motor Finance - Employee Business Conference 2020

After understanding their core requirements, NeoNiche started focusing on driving these core values through the event touch points. On reaching the venue, attendees would find a large entrance arch designed with wolves howling on either side to welcome them to the pack.

As the attendees walked through the pre-function area, they were greeted with motivational quotes on digital standees that inspired TMF’s core values. As the sessions began, senior members of teams went on stage to explain the cornerstones of the wolf pack theme and how to incorporate them into everyday work life which was exemplified by the tagline of ‘Working together, Hunting together, Winning together and Standing together’.

Tata Motor Finance - Employee Business Conference 2020

During the breaks, employees found a separate wax hands station designated for employees to pledge their commitment towards incorporating the wolf pack mentality at work. In addition, the photo op with cut-outs of multiple wolves proved to be a success with several attendees queuing up for the picture. Delegates also enjoyed the unique wolf cookies available in the pre-function area.

The standout elements of the event were the stage set-up which utilized a full-length LED screen across the stage and the innovative podium design that incorporated an enormous wolf along with the logo design. Overall, the event was a grand success that created an electrifying change in mentality amongst all the attendees waiting to put their best foot forward.

Tata Motor Finance - Employee Business Conference 2020

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