Organizing a CSR-centric event for one of India’s most prominent telecom service providers

Tata Communications One in a Million


Tata Communications, one of the most prominent telecom service providers, decided to host their first CSR-centric event for their internal employees. The entire event was designed to felicitate exceptional performance and dedication to community welfare.

The client had a few specific requirements for this purpose but majorly focused on a curated rewards and recognition programme to engage and entertain their employees while appreciating their unique individual accomplishments. After receiving the brief, we set to work on the overall theme, stage and production set-up along with some unique trophy options.

Tata Communications – One in a Million
Tata Communications Event Managed by NeoNiche

We began the project with a central theme that the client truly resonated with – ‘One in a Million’. The theme was crafted to represent and celebrate an individual’s choices to go above and beyond their role to create a positive social impact.

After the theme was finalized, the other elements seemed to come together on their own. The stage was designed in line with the theme, visually represented by the first ‘O’ in ‘One in a Million’ used as an entrance on to the main stage (which was especially useful for the emcee and the attendees receiving awards). With larger than life branding panels, the complete details of the CSR work organized by Tata were set up on display. As the panels were segmented according to organizations, a true picture of the impact at each level was iterated with a few panels providing a birds-eye view of the effect Tata Communications created in line with UN Sustainability Goals.

Tata Communications – One in a Million
Tata Communications – One in a Million

The agenda was extensive and included a CSR showcase, an explanation of the vision and opportunities to explore more activities that drive social growth. The awards function scheduled at the end of the agenda felicitated employees from across the globe as well as CSR organizations that have driven large scale social change. Vinod Kumar, MD and Group CEO along with other senior personnel from the global committee were present to felicitate the award winners. To keep things fresh, we designed a number of LED skins and logo animations to give each winner a new and unique entrance while coming on stage. At the end, the stage was kept open to the attendees to dance, network and enjoy themselves.

The show flowed seamlessly between each point in the agenda culminating in a wonderful experience for all the stakeholders present. During the closing note, Tata applauded our creative and event planning capabilities that helped create a memorable experience for all 100 attendees.

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