Showcasing the Siemens vision for the new decade to internal stakeholders

Siemens Mobility Meet 2020

Gurugram | Mumbai | Bengaluru | Nashik

Siemens, one of the largest worldwide conglomerates, has partnered with NeoNiche once again for their annual event, Siemens Mobility Meet 2020. The event was designed to reflect on the previous year’s performance, set prominent goals for the years to come and recognise, motivate and appreciate internal top performers.

For the event, Siemens had planned an extensive agenda including sessions from members of the Siemens Global team, customer sessions, team building activities and an extensive awards ceremony felicitating the top performers of 2019 within Siemens.

Siemens Mobility Meet 2020 - Corporate Event by NeoNiche

After brainstorming with the client, we set to work on the key visual statement in line with the theme ‘2020 Plus – Clear the bar!’. We crafted the designs to adequately represent the main event alongside key features of Siemens growth story. As a result, an amalgamation of all the elements including a futuristic train, upward growth and portfolio enhancement were created for the event.

While the main event would take place in Gurugram, a live webcast of the entire event would be relayed to Siemens offices in Nashik, Bengaluru and Mumbai. The set-up in all locations followed a similar stylistic look and feel to maintain consistency for all venues.

Siemens Mobility Meet 2020

As the event had to be broadcasted to other locations, there was a special focus on the technical management of the entire event, ensuring that the livestream was captured and relayed in an impeccable fashion. After the speaker sessions, we conducted team building activities in all four locations to build teamwork and motivate internal employees.

The event concluded with an awards programme wherein the top performing employees were recognised and celebrated for their contributions. Overall, the event was well planned and executed to create a flawless show flow. The seamless livestream, engagement team building activities and the grand awards ceremony created a memorable experience for all present.

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