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Route Mobile Youniverse 2020


Route Mobile wanted to create a spectacular experience for their internal employees along with their families appreciating them for their hard work and high performance throughout the year. For this purpose, Route Mobile wanted to create a strong overarching theme for the entire event.

After receiving the brief from the client and brainstorming internally, we finally settled on a people-centric approach of ‘Youniverse’ which showcased the capabilities of the team by placing them at the centre of Route Mobile’s universe.

Route Mobile – Youniverse 2020 - Corporate Event by NeoNiche
Route Mobile – Youniverse 2020
Route Mobile – Youniverse 2020

As this was one of Route Mobile’s largest events throughout the year, the scale and experience had to be larger than life. While the main event was crucial, the event was supplemented by creative ancillary pre-event activities. In the days leading up to the event, an astronaut mascot was sent to their office to personally distribute invites to the Route Mobile.

A rocket themed take-off was planned in the office and with the help of well co-ordinated lights and sounds, which intrigued the audience from the very first moment. While receiving the invite, they noticed a unique fingerprint graphic which reiterated the fact that the Route Mobile’s universe is complete only with the efforts of the entire team.

Route Mobile – Youniverse 2020
Route Mobile – Youniverse 2020

On the day of the event, as attendees arrived at the venue, they were greeted and served a welcome drink before going for the main ballroom. The awards ceremony which showcased appreciation towards the top performing employees. As there were more than 50 awards distributed on the night, we interspersed the awards with a number of entertainment acts that would appeal to the entire family.

We had the ‘Illuminati’ troupe who crafted a story-telling journey through an LED dance. There were many other internal entertainment acts in the form of dances and skits which captured the audience’s attention. The highlight of the event was the story-based performance of the rise of the iconic Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in India. The event was a resounding success as the employees and their families comprising over 500 pax who were thoroughly engaged and attentive throughout the entire event.

Route Mobile – Youniverse 2020

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