Celebrating a vibrant culture with a beautiful rendition on-ground and facilitating the celebration of Norwegian confluence

Norway Day 2018

New Delhi

Norway Day 2018 was a one of its kind event that we put together to facilitate celebration, connectivity and dialogue on future prospects between the two nations.

Recreating the cultural influences to reflect the values and cause of support through a reception-like gathering in the nation’s capital.

Norway day 2018
Norway day 2018

Through strict timeline adherence, we collaborated with to realize a platform that reflected sophistication as well as a celebratory vibe for the evening amongst notable dignitaries and embassy officials with a sense of environment created.

Delhi’s fluctuating weather was prioritized while planning the outdoor setup for the presentation, dinner and exhibition areas.

The crucial elements included a reception of eminent officials from the Indian Bureaucratic strata and Norwegian embassies.

We placed a customized exhibition pathway to spark discussion on the health-related initiatives (NIPI) undertaken by the Norway embassy and Indian government together.

The highlight of the evening was the recreation of a precise replica of the Norwegian Hall of Salmon. The hall was fashioned as an experience zone, which attracted the guests effectively, and so did the representatives’ national attire – ‘The Bunad’. The thematic pleasure created ensured a charismatic networking opportunity for the representatives of either nation.

Norway day 2018

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