Crafting a landmark zero waste to landfill event for a leading insurance company

Mahindra Insurance Brokers BE:Leaf to Grow


Mahindra Insurance Brokers Limited (MIBL) decided to organize a special event to celebrate their 15 year anniversary, to discuss the achievements of the company till date, the way forward for MIBL and to felicitate its internal employees who have played an intrinsic part in the growth of the company. In addition, MIBL also aims to be a premier event with a zero waste to landfill policy.

After a preliminary meeting, we crafted a theme that truly resonated with Mahindra and their values – ‘BE:Leaf to Grow’ which exemplified the dual nature of belief in the company and the desire to turn over a new leaf to become digital friendly and sustainable.

Mahindra Insurance Brokers BE:Leaf to Grow
Mahindra Insurance Brokers BE:Leaf to Grow
Mahindra Insurance Brokers BE:Leaf to Grow
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After finalizing the theme, the other elements quickly came together. With a mandate from MIBL focusing on zero-waste, the entire event was crafted to ensure sustainability was an intrinsic factor that permeated throughout the event. Paper, corrugated sheets and reusable materials were used to build structures while the stage was designed using a full length LED screen instead of flex. The hotel also installed water purifiers and placed crystal glasses in convenient locations to negate the use of plastic bottles.

Before the event, all attendees were asked to download an event app which included agenda related information, feedback questions and live polls. Bookings and queries were also routed completely through the app thereby eliminating the need for physical documents. LED standees were used as directional signage and to showcase the plethora of achievements MBIL received over the past 15 years.

Mahindra Insurance Brokers BE:Leaf to Grow

The first day was designated for the main awards function interspersed with performances from MBIL’s internal staff. As there were significant time constraints, we had to ensure the entire set-up was executed in the span of one hour where everybody worked with the utmost precision. We also included a unique engagement activity in the form of wax hands station which attendees could visit during the breaks and had the opportunity to pledge their efforts to increase sustainability.

The second day focused on showcasing their plans to achieve their goals while following an eco-friendly path. Panel discussions and sessions from senior management created an informative atmosphere that facilitated open forum discussions. The night ended with an electrifying performance by legendary singing sensation Shaan who performed a high octane electrifying set that captivated the audience. Overall, the seamless flow of the events, special attention to waste management and creative solutions resulted in the fulfilment of the landmark zero waste to landfill objective.

Event organized by NeoNiche

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