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NeoNiche Partnered with KAS Group Asia, this time in Vietnam, to roll out Thrive 2023, their KGA managers’ Conference. From November 19 to 21, 2023 over 100 managers from Anko GCC joined the K-Mart and Target leadership to celebrate the integration of the two businesses as one brand. The event aimed at embracing new opportunities emerging from their combined business entity and deliberating on newer ways of working that made them “Stronger Together”

NeoNiche once again demonstrated its global execution prowess with its impeccable planning and management at an off-shore arena.

Expectations were high, since for the first time since the Pandemic, managers from all locations—India, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Australia & Vietnam—would be attending the Thrive event in-person.

NeoNiche surpassed expectations and created a remarkable experience.

Hotel Majestic and Hotel Sheraton Grand at Ho Chi Minh City became the perfect stage for the highly talented cohort of managers to gain deep business insights and engage with their inspiring leadership team to discuss their evolving business strategies.

The set up helped delegates enjoy the interactive engagement sessions as well as focused leadership development and team building sessions.

NeoNiche’s masterful execution and the outpouring of positive client feedback is a testament to our global event management capabilities and unwavering dedication to client success. Our ability to deliver exceptional results, even in diverse and challenging environments, makes us a trusted partner for organizations seeking to organize and execute international events with finesse and precision.

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