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To launch their private label brand, Anko, Kmart Australia Ltd organized a celebration on March 17, 2023, to introduce the brand’s philosophy and offerings to employees, strategic partners, and vendors. With an expected audience of over 100 guests, the event was held at the Museo Camera Centre for the Photographic Arts in Gurugram, featuring photo booths, indoor and outdoor branding elements, a stage for sessions, and artificial photo walls in a humble yet unconventional setup.

The attendees were engaged throughout the event with the brand introduction, keynote speeches, and employee engagement activities. About 180 product samples from various categories, such as home décor, storage, kitchen & dining, and more, which are now available on Amazon, were displayed through a customized product display unit. For two and a half hours in the evening, the attendees were entertained with free-flowing beer, wine, soft drinks, and canapés.

The team of NeoNiche executed a flawless event for the introduction of Anko in this physical conference, providing an amazing networking experience through fun-filled engagement with an energetic host. The photo-op was especially appreciated, along with the physical product experience where guests took their creativity to another level, bringing the social media frenzy alive. The client appreciated the team for turning around this small celebration with finesse and meticulous planning.

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