Felicitating top performers in the banking sector in an entertaining and interactive awards show.

HDFC Bank Clash of the Titans 2019


A leader in banking and financial services, HDFC Bank hosts their awards function to felicitate top performers of their retail banking vertical at the annual event Clash of the Titans. After working with HDFC on the previous iteration, we were quick to suggest ideas that HDFC appreciated and decided to incorporate.

For this year’s Clash of the Titans, we set to work by creating a new visual journey that exemplified the strengths, capabilities and talents of the employees. The key visual theme followed was a medieval environment which permeated through the entire event.

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As attendees started coming in, they found a castle entrance placed near the registration desk, the starting point of their event experience. After stepping through the entrance, attendees also had the opportunity to participate in a Game of Thrones inspired photo booth with a backdrop of gladiators and the iconic Iron Throne in the centre. Not a single attendee missed the chance to grab a seat on the throne.

Scaling up from last year by approximately 50%, a total of 400+ internal employees of HDFC Bank were invited for the landmark occasion. Accordingly, a smooth registration process and crowd flow was designed to facilitate ease of access.

HDFC Bank Clash of the Titans 2019

The stage was designed with three separate LED screens giving an overwhelming sense of grandeur. At the main function, 350+ awards were distributed among 3 sectors and 33 batches. The entire one-day event had to be meticulously planned to ensure every element of the agenda ran smoothly and was completed punctually within the short timespan allocated.

After the Awards function, a Lagori band was called to perform on stage as cocktails and dinner were served for the attendees. The experience ended in a festive celebration where everyone danced the night away with happiness in their hearts and awards in their hands.

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