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Event Excellence At Its Peak At The AWS ExecLeaders

At NeoNiche, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional events that leave a lasting impact. Our latest collaboration with AWS, AWS ExecLeaders Mumbai 2024, was a testament to our expertise in crafting remarkable experiences. Held on May 9th at the JW Marriott Sahar, this event brought together business, technology, and academic leaders to explore the intersection of leadership and cutting-edge technologies like generative AI.

NeoNiche spearheaded the organizing of the event and we were responsible for various aspects of the event, including audience acquisition, registration management, venue branding, engagement activities, and many more. Our team worked closely with AWS to ensure a seamless execution, from the pre-planning stage to on-site management.The event featured a diverse audience of 447 attendees, including 136 C-Suite executives and 201 VPs and GMs, representing various sectors such as Enterprises, Mid-Market Technology, Small to Medium Business etc.

The pre-function area was designed to create an engaging atmosphere, featuring registration branding, Partner Booths, and an engagement zone based on the sustainability theme. The stage design incorporated dynamic motion graphics and curated walk-in videos to enhance the attendee experience.

We carefully crafted the audience experience, starting with pre-event communication sent to attendees. At the venue, dedicated queues were created for AWS/Partners/Event Speakers, while the rest of the lanes were designated for attendee registration. Digital signages were strategically placed to ensure attendee convenience. The keynotes provided strong insights into leadership and innovation in the digital era, while innovation spotlight sessions showcased practical strategies and cutting-edge advancements. The industry panel discussion offered diverse perspectives on leadership and digital transformation, and the celebrity fireside chat with Mr. Milind Soman provided an engaging and unique conclusion to the day.

The client was highly impressed with our proactive approach from the pre-planning stage to on-site execution. The design and branding elements also received positive reviews from the client, who rated the overall event a 9 out of 10. As we continue to grow and expand our horizon, we are excited to take on new challenges and push the boundaries of what is possible.

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