Launching a new product range for a leading company in the consumer appliance sector

Crompton Coolistan 2020


Crompton decided to host a special event to launch their newest range of air coolers – the Optimus series. As the client wanted to inform and showcase the capabilities of their latest product range to their dealers and distributors, the event was centred on the main launch activity and a special demo zone.

We set to work on a short deadline of 20 days, where we had to conceptualize an overarching theme, finalize a venue, design and execute all production based elements as well as manage the travel and transfer details of over 120 dealers arriving from various parts of India and craft an end-to-end event experience for the main day.

Crompton Coolistan 2020 - Corporate Event by NeoNiche
Crompton Coolistan 2020

Ideating on the theme, we quickly came up with the event name – ‘Crompton Coolistan’, a play on word ‘Hindustan’ which indicated that Crompton would be at the forefront of air cooling solutions in India. The designs and experience soon followed with a unique set that included an igloo against falling snow on stage. The igloo backdrop was fitted with a turntable mechanism for the theme reveal with Crompton air coolers placed behind.

On the day of the event as guests arrived at the hotel, they were welcomed with a Dhol-tasha troupe along with an Aaarti Tikka to evoke the Hindustani connect. An interesting and eye-catching element in the pre-function area was the anti-gravity booth with a Crompton A/C stationed where dealers could use innovative poses and act as if they were carried with the wind from the air cooler.

Crompton Coolistan 2020

As the event began, the emcee called senior members of the Crompton India team for a lamp-lighting ceremony. The sessions were the next part of the agenda which finally led to the product launch. On stage, we had the renowned ‘Illluminati’ dance group in neon lit costumes to give a sneak peek of the product leading to the big reveal.

At the time of the reveal, the igloo swivelled to finally launch the Optimus range of products. After the product launch, there was a special live experience area opened up to the dealers to give them a demo of the products, show how the machines would work and how they could be installed as well as explain how to showcase them in store. On a whole, the dealers were excited to witness and participate in the creative representations and could easily understand the advantages of the latest products range which made the event a grand success.

Crompton Coolistan 2020

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