Crif High Mark Webinar Series

Attended by 200+ IT Executives

About the Event

CRIF High Mark is India’s first full service credit information bureau which comprehensively covers credit information for all borrower segments.

We conducted a series of webinar for their audience across profiles – CFO, Risk Managers, Credit Managers, Data Scientists from banks and other industries.

NeoNiche Expertise

Webinar Hosting Service and Report Generation: Planned as a focused group of 50-70 in one webinar, we saw registrations upto 300+ participants. Hence the same was changed to webinar series keeping the format of focus audience in place.

With the ease of webinar tool and the support provided by NeoNiche on managing the registrations and moderating the webinar, CRIF congratulated us on the smooth execution and prompt responses from the team.

Virtual Event & Webinar

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