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Crafted Remarkable Experiences at Zscaler One True Zero Live 2024

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NeoNiche recently orchestrated a three-day event across three Indian cities for Zscaler, titled Zscaler One True Zero Live 2024. It aimed to generate interest in Zscaler’s suite of solutions: Business Analytics, Zero Trust Networking, Data Protection, and Cyber Threat Protection. The event was designed to resemble a blockbuster movie experience.

NeoNiche’s responsibilities included audience acquisition, NeoNiche’s very own registration technology – NeoFlo, content creation, production, and overall management. The event took place at the Taj in Bengaluru, ITC Maratha in Mumbai, and Oberoi in Gurugram, New Delhi, with NeoNiche handling all major aspects of the event.

A highlight of the event was the custom VR engagement game, designed as an Escape Room based on Zscaler’s solutions, which was well received by the attendees there as it engaged them thoroughly. The pre-function area featured animated content and an avatar of the speaker, setting the stage for an immersive experience.

Registration was seamless with NeoFlo, an on-site Registration Management system. Attendees were treated to a pre-function area with VR stimulation games, a popcorn and soda stall, and theaters equipped with plush sofas and expansive curved LED screens, creating a blockbuster ambiance.

The client expressed satisfaction with the event, lauding its engaging experiences, innovative approach, and impactful content. Attendees also echoed this sentiment, expressing eagerness for future events. NeoNiche’s proficiency in event management, content creation, and seamless technology integration resulted in a successful event, effectively fostering interest and awareness about Zscaler’s solutions in an enjoyable and interactive manner.

NeoNiche has a proven track record of organizing successful events, such as Lenovo Tech World India 2023, which showcased Lenovo’s advancements in sustainability and innovation in the technology space, and the Zscaler Global IT Leadership Summit in Mumbai. We have also created unique networking and expo experiences for Checkpoint’s flagship event and brought together leaders from India for a celebration of synergy and innovation.

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