Curating a highly-customized event to facilitate knowledge dissemination between Cloudera and their key corporate clients

Cloudera Executive Business Roadshow 2019


Cloudera, a leading enterprise data cloud company decided to host a highly personalised roadshow discussing their data driven journey for their key customers in India. The main objective of the event was to drive account-specific and industry-specific knowledge pertinent specifically to their customers through this forum.

As the agenda would only be finalized a few days before the event, we designed a flexible schedule that would facilitate engagement between Cloudera executives and senior personnel from large corporates.

Cloudera Executive Business Roadshow 2019
Cloudera Executive Business Roadshow 2019

At the main event, four different meeting rooms were used to interact with individual brands. The two day conference included 4 separate track sessions throughout the day. A number of prominent companies from Banking and Insurance, Telecommunications, Management & Consulting and Government industries attended the highly focused sessions.

A total of 140+ attendees were in attendance including teams from RBI, SBI, HDFC Bank, YES Bank, Vodafone, Reliance Jio, BSE, NSDL and several more. As many attendees confirmed their presence only a few days prior to the event, there were several changes to the agenda, collateral required, topics, etc. which were all handled on-the-spot.

A key aspect in the entire event was managing crowd flow and speakers. Industry experts from Cloudera’s international team were flown in from across the globe to deliver high-impact discussions. Through meticulous planning and seamless organization, we managed to drive intelligent discussions across all customer interactions.

After each session, individual networking lunches and dinners were organized for each company so that discussions could be carried out in a more casual environment. The overall event flow was undisturbed throughout the multiple iterations and changes to the agenda. This forward-looking and proactive planning helped orchestrate a well-rounded session that helped create a positive impression among Cloudera’s key customers.

Cloudera Executive Business Roadshow 2019

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