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BPL + Kelvinator Dealers’ Meet 2022

BPL + Kelvinator Dealers’ Meet 2022

Bangalore | Chandigarh | Delhi | Kolkata

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Brand building has become a very important practice for everyone in the post-pandemic era and on the lines of showcasing their strengths and opportunities to their dealers, Reliance Digital with it’s two wings BPL and Kelvinator came with an innovative program to not only celebrate their dealers and their achievements but also showcase their 200 flagship products from the two brands in a one-of-a-kind event.

The events were to be done in different regions to cater to every trade partner, hence the cities, Kochi, Kolkata, Delhi, Chandigarh, and Bengaluru were decided as the final cities to hold this prestigious event. The next part of the challenge was to create a unique experience for each city, and yet bind the events together to keep the brand umbrella feel alive.

We started by breaking down the campaign into a city-wise event first and created cultural themes relative to the corresponding festivals in each state which spoke of prosperity and togetherness to convey the brand’s message. The invitations, the reception at the hotel, engagement, and entertainment activities as well as complete designing and fabrication process was made aligned with the thought of combining the festivities of prosperity with the respective region. With the message of spreading happiness and prosperity, a grandeur set-up was created to make the trade partners feel prestigious and important at every event.

This elite theme extended to the grandest of all showcases of over 200 products from BPL & Kelvinator which were laid out to replicate the showroom display leading up to a beautifully decorated stage. The event was filled with cultural and thematic elements in entertainment and photo opportunities and was even graced by the famous personalities being Ms, Anu Sithara at Kochi, Ms. Rimi Sen at Kolkata, Ms. Sini Shetty at Delhi & Chandigarh, and Ms. Mouni Roy at Bengaluru.

Reliance Digital, BPL, and Kelvinator were overwhelmingly thankful towards the team for handling the multi-city campaign with great care and expertise. The trade partners loved the idea of getting a local connect and being able to celebrate in their traditional way as well as the amalgamation of modern technology to elevate the spirit of the whole experience.

Working from the forefront, we became an extended part of the client right from the ideation of messaging and theme of each event and leading to curating the right experience for each attendee in every city with flawless execution. We provided the customer a true one-stop solution approach and made the overall experience wholesome and a remarkable one.

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