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BN Group 10th Foundation Day

NeoNiche partnered with the BN Group to host their 10th Foundation Day on Dec 8th, ’23. To commemorate the launch of their new logo, as well as new products, the event was designed to completely immerse attendees into the world of the BN Group. Innovative use of the latest technology set the tone as the BN Group heralded a new chapter in their illustrious history, firmly stepping into the future.

NeoNiche wanted to highlight the theme of the event: letting go of the conventional and entering the future. The new logo reveal was executed through a remarkable interactive dance, actively engaging the participation of the attendees: imagine feeling a logo being revealed! Three new products were brought to life using anamorphic content which helped create a unique and completely immersive world. The BN Group’s 10th Foundation Day was truly a remarkable experience!

NeoNiche are dedicated to client satisfaction. Attendees were overjoyed and exhilarated by the conclusion of the 10th Foundation Day, showering praise for how the event abandoned conventional execution altogether. The two-day exploration of the BN Group’s future was kicked off by their brand ambassador Vipul Goyal and included appearances by Esha Gupta and Akshra Singh; finally ending on a supercharged note through a performance by effervescent Guru Randhawa. Thanks to NeoNiche, the BN Group’s 10th Foundation Day was an unforgettable introduction to their future!

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