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The campaign started when Bayer joined hands with marathon runner Mina Guli for her initiative Run Blue and her Thirst Foundation, where she is running across the globe to increase awareness on scarcity of usable water. Team Id8nxt at NeoNiche started with a very user-friendly microsite which could collect registrations and also engage the users with factoids and quiz. The team designed the wireframe, UI and developed the microsite linking it to the Bayer Global site.

The homepage of the microsite which included a narrative of the campaign citing role of Bayer towards the initiative along with water crisis explainer videos which were created in-house. The microsite also included marathon schedule page, case study page, photo gallery page, quiz and, registration page which showcased all the five cities to be covered by Mina Guli through her marathon in a beautifully animated roadmap of the marathons. The client specially appreciated the engagement through the social media wall as well as the vibrant designing and fluid user interface which helped them achieve their objective of spreading the awareness.

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