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Axis Communications Partner Summit 2023

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At NeoNiche, we were thrilled with anticipation as we embraced the chance to execute Axis Communications’ very first Partner Summit in India. With the energizing theme of “Powered by Partnership,” the summit aimed to create a collaborative platform for Axis Communications’ partners and industry experts. Our expertise team meticulously executed various aspects of this event, from content creation to technical solutions. This two-day summit was held at The Grand Hyatt in Goa starting on May 8th. The event unfurled with the Technology Showcase on Day 1. This was adorned with ten partner booths and one Axis booth along with Sponsor Showcase and Lights Out Demo. The second day witnessed a captivating array of keynote sessions, engaging business sessions, and a prestigious Gala Dinner adorned with 28 partner awards, culminating in a tapestry of inspiration and celebration.

We designed Key Visual, which shows connectivity between nodes and the South Asia Pacific Region on a globe. The company’s slogan of “Innovating for a smarter, safer world” was interwoven into the visual, which also emphasized the idea of “Powered by Partnership.” Showcase Booths were set up by our team, to beckon attendees to explore realms of possibility. NeoNiche’s technical support ensured that  Lights Out Session gave participants an immersive experience. Our meticulously designed conference stages produced a striking setting for keynote talks and professional presentations. Partner awards and personalized giveaways were crafted to leave lasting touch. Together, we curated an extraordinary conference experience, fueling the journey toward a brighter future.

Summit ended with a symphony of praise echoed, which raised the bar for our subsequent events. The event’s concept was successfully realized thanks to the skill and unshakable dedication of NeoKnights.  NeoNiche proved itself as a trusted advisor throughout the event. Each interaction, each moment of connection, became a testament to our commitment to excellence and our unwavering passion to create events that leave an indelible mark on the hearts of those who join us.

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