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The AWS Summit is a premier tech event that gathers developers, data scientists, cloud enthusiasts, and CTOs globally. In 2024, Bangalore hosted this spectacular event, attracting over 8,000 attendees over two days. NeoNiche expertly managed the event with a focus on space planning, registration, and crowd management.

The summit began with an awe-inspiring opening act themed “The Promise of AI,” featuring a live transmedia performance created completely using Generative AI. This innovative presentation combined AI-generated art with Carnatic-electronic music, captivating the audience with its cutting-edge fusion.

NeoNiche prioritized attendee experience, implementing key initiatives such as:

  • Registration Management: Utilizing NeoNiche’s proprietary registrations software, NeoFlo, registrations were completed in just 8 seconds per person.
  • Crowd Management: Strategic placement of live streaming screens, ample staff, and well-placed F&B zones ensured efficient crowd flow.

The event’s minimalistic yet immersive keynote stage added to its grandeur, and the expo featured 6 experiential zones and 52 partner booths alongside five breakout tracks with 120 speakers across 60 sessions.

The experiential zones featured interactive and immersive experiences, like the AI Avatar photo op at the Developer Lounge, the Live Cricket Commentary and AI astrologer demo at the Builders Zone to name a few. We also customized and constructed 2 arcade games – the Spot Invaders and Gen AI Model Fighters – that showcased AWS solutions in a gamified environment. At the Skills Corner, attendees had the opportunity to map their skills and understand their level of certification through a simple yet engaging sticker activity.

Additionally, we were also briefed to include sustainability at the event which we were able to achieve in one zone called Startup Central which was made using eco-friendly materials like cardboard. This was truly a standout at the Summit with even the giveaways reflecting the theme as they were made out of rice husk.

The audience was effectively engaged via the attendee guide that not only helped them navigate the sessions but also curate their agenda as per their level of interest. The event also featured a lucky draw program where the audience was engaged with hourly quizzes, session quizzes including exclusive rewards for engaging with maximum number of partner booths. Winners were announced at the end of the day through a live lucky draw drop box creating on ground buzz, excitement, and lots of engagement.

Highlighting the unique way NeoNiche used the venue, we were challenged with transforming the Sheraton Bengaluru Convention Center into something bigger than what it currently is. We achieved this by constructing a 270-degree hangar structure to accommodate Innovation Street, something that has never been done before in this property. We also made sure that all areas should be easily accessible as we are advocates of inclusivity and diversity in all our events.

Following Amazon’s principle of Customer Obsession, NeoNiche provided shuttle services from the metro and a nearby parking facility, with AWS ambassadors guiding attendees. Live streaming screens and strategically placed F&B zones efficiently managed the crowd movement.

A week before the summit, the AWS ExecLeaders event engaged over 700 attendees, focusing on leadership transformation through technologies like generative AI, featuring keynotes, innovation sessions, and networking opportunities.

The AWS Summit India 2024 was a resounding success, demonstrating NeoNiche’s expertise in event management and execution. By creating innovative engagement zones and ensuring a seamless attendee experience, NeoNiche celebrated the passion and innovation of the tech community.

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