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AWS ExecLeaders – F1 Need For Speed

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Partnering with AWS, NeoNiche organised ExecLeaders on Oct 25th, ’23, at Taj Santacruz, Mumbai. The objective was to highlight fast decision making along with agile leadership. To highlight this, NeoNiche executed a turbocharged theme, “Need For Speed: Agile Leadership, Under Pressure”. Using its diverse expertise, NeoNiche was able to create a remarkable experience for its client by employing cutting-edge technology.

The event was off to the races right from the get-go, as attendees were greeted by a state-of-the-art Formula 1 simulator. F1 is known for requiring comfort with incredible speeds, along with an agile mind capable of making decisions in a split second. NeoNiche, deploying its integrated solutions, was able to make the objectives of the event come to life; not only engaging the attendees, but filling the event with adrenaline.

NeoNiche prides itself on designing experiences that encapsulate the theme while delivering on its client’s goals. About 70% of the attendees were at the CXO/VP level, all of whom would have felt like they were down in the paddock of Circuit de Monaco. Receiving a 10/10 and hearing statements like “special thanks to the incredible team and dedicated stakeholders for their outstanding contributions”, and “the collective efforts exemplify excellence and are truly commendable”, fills us with confidence; Neo-Delight achieved!

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