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AWS Dev Day 2023

AWS Dev Day is one of the most significant gatherings of technical enthusiasts in cloud computing, planned to be held in three cities: New Delhi, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. The main objective of the event is to bring together emerging tech explorers, coders, developers, data engineers, data scientists, enterprise application architects, and IT admins/operators to learn about the latest innovations in cloud computing. The event features demo-focused technical sessions and use cases with AWS technical experts and AWS customers.

To ensure a smooth execution of the event, NeoNiche planned and executed various elements, starting with digital signages placed outside the main hotel entrance to a dedicated registration desk, overall agenda backdrop, two tracks post the main keynote, and agenda standees placed outside each track for attendee convenience. The main hall was divided into two parts for the respective tracks, and AWS Partner videos were showcased while attendees settled in the main hall/breakout hall for the experience.

Feedback forms were given to delegates at each of the breakout tracks, and attendees received branded goodies upon submission of their feedback form at the registration counter. The touchpoints created in terms of crowd flow, directional standees, and agenda for each track helped manage the attendees efficiently. The feedback received was positive overall, with suggestions for improvements such as the music flow of transition from one speaker to the other and doing the dry run/tech checks a little earlier. The event left a positive impression on attendees, and NeoNiche received positive feedback from the client for their event management services.

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