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AWS Dev Day 2022


In the spirit of bringing the best and brightest minds under one roof for a day of networking, learning and development, AWS curated an in-person event for the developers to get together at Taj Yeshwantpur, Bengaluru on 4th November 2022. To get the like-minded people together and share the insights of experts from the AWS community.

Acquisition for registrations scaled out to over 1500 individuals of which more than 500 attendees who wanted to learn from a technical expert and deep dive in AWS Services arrived on event day. Our team started shortlisting a proper venue to cater to all the attendees and provide a perfect networking space for sharing their ideas together.

What followed various communications and registrations was a free one-day annual meet where people of technical background could dive deep into some of the hottest and more advanced topics in cloud computing with demo-focused technical sessions with AWS technical experts and peers. The sessions were divided into three tracks based on job persona: Developers, Data Scientist/ Data Engineer, and Data Architect.

The series provided attendees the chance to dive deep on many of the content offerings through in-depth demos and hands-on workshops. Since the events was free, attendees could pick and choose which sessions/workshops they would like to attend. To add flair to the conference and sessions, the attendees did also enjoy thematic photo booth and exciting giveaways to keep the spectre on high.

The first mark of success for the AWS Dev Day was getting a large number of attendees to come to the event. Along with fulfilling the appeal of insightful sessions and talks from the experts, the attendees enjoyed thematic design elements and joyful engagement while networking with their peers. Not only did the attendees enjoy the day filled with numerous activities, but the speakers as well relished the fulfilling session experience along with perceptive and relevant talks.

A flawless execution through and through where the team provided a keen eye to every detail ensuring any challenge was dealt with ingenuity and on-the-foot thinking. Appreciation from the client’s team came with their admiration shown for the team’s enthusiasm towards solving problems and creating a remarkable experience for each of the attendees.

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