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The energy of like-minded thinkers, community creators and leaders coming together and sharing their thoughts feels very contagious and that itself helped us curate the first ever AWS Community Summit for APAC and Japan in Bangkok, Thailand. A total of 130 people came together consisting of 57 UG leaders and 28 Community Builders for 35 sessions and the first APJ wide Community Awards honouring 36 Heroes in 10 award categories.

It is usually the simplest of briefs that require meticulous attention to detail on all fronts, and providing end-to-end services including ticketing, venue planning, event logistics, audio-visual arrangements, collaterals fabrication and entertaining performances. The characteristic practice of Neoknights of planning twice and cutting once with dexterous skillset helped us in delivering seamless experiences with carefully streamlining the processes through and through.

The two-day event featured welcome notes by Werner Vogels, Jeff Barr, and Felipe LeMaitre and had numerous engagement and interaction opportunities for the attendees including stylish photo-opportunities, panel discussions, cultural dance performances and networking mixer providing an enthralling experience to all the attendees who came to discuss about of talking about the future and challenges for the community.

One of the challenges in entertaining guests coming in from 15 countries was providing a seamless registration and welcome experience, along with keeping the morale high and keeping them smiling all the way. We achieved this part by catering to all the individual needs and providing the right balance of delightful fun activities in between the insightful sessions.

The overall engagement of the event was on a very high note, so much so that it ended up scoring a prestigious 4.9 on CSAT. But what really made it a successful event for us were the thankful responses from the attendees and their high praise vis-à-vis the splendid delivery of all required collaterals along with interactive and immersive environment for all.

Once again, it was the ideology of planning properly and working through required process, at each and every step, that helped us deliver a remarkable experience to all the leaders of APAC and Japan regions from all AWS community programs coming together for the first time in Thailand.

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