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NeoNiche partnered with AWS for the Amazon AI Conclave, held on December 14, 2024 at the Sheraton Grand, Bangaluru. The 7th edition of the annual AI ML conference hosted over 2,700 attendees in-person, and over 15,000 joined online. Exploring the theme of Generative AI, NeoNiche delivered a remarkable experience, organizing and executing a spectacular keynote, 4 breakout tracks, partner booths and demo zones.

NeoNiche created a one-of-a-kind video featuring the rise of India (its notable achievements since 1947) using only Generative AI tools. To cater to the huge attendee list, NeoNiche decided to host the event at a new venue; the shift was efficiently tackled, with NeoNiche’s diverse and talented team executing the event with aplomb. Departing from the practice of pre-recording videos – as was done with previous editions – NeoNiche was able to bring the entire event onto digital platforms, streaming live.

NeoNiche also deployed its proprietary attendee management and tracking platform, NeoFlo, seamlessly. This not only helped manage the huge audience, but also provided unparalleled clarity via data into attendee metrics.

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