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The Adobe FSI Roundtable event stands as a shining example of our commitment to delivering remarkable experiences to industry leaders, experts, and decision-makers from the BFSI sector.

The event was designed to be a premier gathering, bringing together professionals from various domains within the BFSI industry. Our team at Neoniche took charge of every detail, aiming to create an unforgettable experience centered around the theme of digital transformation.

Our responsibilities encompassed every aspect of the event, starting with venue selection. For Mumbai, we secured the prestigious Taj Santacruz, while for Bangalore, we opted for the renowned JW Marriott. These iconic venues set the tone for a sophisticated and premium experience.

Next up was the task of curating the perfect guest list. We worked tirelessly on audience acquisition, contacting senior management-level professionals from various BFSI domains. From legal to HR, IT to digital banking, we handpicked attendees ranging from VP & above, GM level to Managers, ensuring diverse expertise and perspectives.

Our team executed every aspect flawlessly – from the roundtable seating arrangement fostering engaging discussions to the impressive LED stage, the sleek podium, and the eye-catching standees setting the tone for the evening. We wanted to leave our guests with a lasting impression, so we went all out with Adobe-branded Stuffcool wireless chargers and stylish jute bags for each attendee.

As the event unfolded, we witnessed an incredible exchange of ideas, knowledge, and insights. The room was buzzing with conversations, networking, and profound discussions about the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the BFSI realm.

Our attendees enjoyed a unique and enriching experience, and we couldn’t be happier with their feedback. They shared their high level of satisfaction, attributing it to the expert insights, interactive learning elements, and invaluable networking opportunities provided.

We’re thrilled to have united visionaries, fostering an environment where professionals, experts, and leaders connect and learned from one another. The success of the Adobe FSI Roundtable event has filled our hearts with pride, and we’re eager to continue curating more groundbreaking experiences for you.

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